Kicking Rocks

Do you know them kind of people who see everything?

Back in the day, we used to have them and they were very influencial in the community. What good does it do you to walk around kicking rocks or cans?

Somebody wrote: “Today Art, your articles read like you are kicking rocks”.

I do not think that is a barefoot sport. I asked what did you mean? They said, you know how some children walk around kicking rocks or an old can?

Well, I’m still not sure but, my moma told me a long time ago about engaging in such activities. I remember seeing other kids do that and get away with it. So, I tried it until one day my mom saw me and this is exactly what my moma said, “Boy if I ever catch you kicking a rock, can or anything in those shoes I bought you, I am going to kick your ass”. That was the end of my rocks/cans kicking days. She went on so much about my shoes, I no longer thought they were mine and I learned to wear them in such a fashion.

Diamond in pyramid What about throwing or batting rocks? I can tell you from experience they are very very dangerous.

You know how some people twist their feet and walk on the side of their shoes? What about those walking on the back of their shoes. Those were nono's in my family.

She was saying, take care of whatever it is you have. Don’t abuse it because you have nothing else to do.

I really love and appreciate my website. Most of all it is so relaxing and a breath of fresh air at the same time. So warm and friendly, yet loaded with valuable information, presented in way like no other. If you don't put anything in, how can you expect anything out. Now, you wouldn't be caught walking around without any expectations would you...?

The kind of people who can see everything is the kind of person my moma was and if she didn't like it, you were sure to know. Is that why I am a good boy?

Now, my thinking is, she said I’m kicking rocks, but what the hell is she doing? I love my readers, because they do not hold back and if it wasn't for you, what would this be, what would the world be like…(smile)

(((your inner

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