What happens when people feel there are no limits, no reservations?


High schools, colleges and universities, what are they teaching our people? Is it how to survive, may thrive? Then why is our economy? I think on other societies which are minus all the formal education and it seems they enjoy life just as well, if not a lot better. So how do we get above them?

Do you know the rules of the game? Do you respect them? What good are they, when you think you have No Limits?

I do not know, but I find the "No Limits attitude and behavior" to be most prevalent in America, which is where I live and also places like America. Where else would anyone pay $25 million a year for playing games? Where else are movie stars and such held in such great esteem? Where else can you be a scholar without really being a scholar? Where else would being a scholar give you a license to steal?

Don’t mean to down my country but I do live here and it is a hell of lot easier to succeed at gang related activities than it is to succeed at academic related activities, even though we would deny that.

Talking about making an honest living, just where can you do that these days in America? Can you do that by working with giant media mongrels? What about politics? Construction? Transportation? Reading and writing?

So where do you draw the line? So, how do you tell a people who honestly believe they have no limits, that thought alone is self-destructive? Since 2005, I am been making a living by reading and writing. Though it has been very rewarding, it barely pays the bills. Let’s us just say, if I worked for the powers to be, my life would be much more financially rewarding. Since I do not, how do I get the attention of my readers, enough to inspire positive action? More important to me is, How am I supposed to earn a living by doing exactly that?

It is utterly ridiculous to give credence to the thought of having no limits! Just the thought of that is ones scariest nightmare. It is degrading and tearing apart our country and lives. Even worse is to thoroughly confuse everyone with the idea that “you can be all you can be by supporting the powers to be”, but alone you are nothing. That’s a fact! Alone, you can do nothing. To add insult to injury, the powers to be are directly responsible for the downfall of our economy and society as a whole. It is not that we do not do anything good, but we do everything for profit and we scam each other to do that! All of which is sanctioned by the powers to be, in the name of making a profit. Why should I give a hoot about what happening in other foreign countries, when I am barely surviving at home? How can I be better than our corrupt government without being threatening to good government? Further, to couple with these evil powers to be, just to get a pay check is further contributing to my problems and the problems of my country as whole. Can you not see that?

Can you not see that in every walk of life, we are paying more for considerably less? Of all our great wisdom and technological advancements, why are not the essential of life provided without additional expense? Why are they so inflated, so out of reach for the average American? $100 thousand for a house not worth $30 thousands? Who in their right mind gets a kick out of living in a multi-million dollar home? What kind of message are you sending to the rest of us? The thought of which is much more damaging than good. Who in their right minds admire such lavish waste of resources, which is just going to come back and bite you in the ass? $25 thousands for an auto to ride back and forth, depreciates when driven off the lot and does last five years? Everybody who is somebody is expected to live like this, why?

That is the type of economy you get with a no limits attitude. People who are sworn to protect and serve become corrupt and self-serving? The power goes to the wealthy instead of to the very people who hire them to protect and serve.

Does it do any good for one to take his time out and point out these misunderstandings? Will you do anything about it? Do you even understand them? cAre? Do you reward good behavior? You are inconsistent about rules and keep changing them to cover up crime and corruption.

No limits and the forces of Mother Nature, we need limitations in a nonabusive manner.

(((your inner


Burial How much does this cost?

Aging How much does this cost?

Party and principles! How much does this cost?

Being a real persons? Ditto?

Discipline and Ditto?

And I cannot get paid???

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