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Red Light District, where is that? Does it only exist in major cities? What about just in drug infested people with no respect? Honestly, who shares your convictions? What about work that has made an invaluable difference for our future? Our future is our children's.

Where are the sinners? How did things get this way today? There is a new winner in town today and he has no inhibitions? He is a goody, goody two-shoe, without all these crazy thoughts? We will make him a Priest, Police, Prechers, Politician, no, school teachers, attorneys, doctors, to be an example for which we all can aspire? But does your title eliminate you from any of these experiences and should it? Why do we do that to ourselves? How will we ever figure them out? Are they good guys or do they have issues just like everybody else?

Has our lifestyle gone from reality to fiction, fornication, adultry, fetishes, frictions...? Is this realistic? Is that relationships with too many rules? Where is the freedom, love and respect for being YOU? Somebody for some reason is hiding it and that is a bad thing.

The Red Light District is the lifestyle I must credit for my most valued lessons learned. Is that sad or what? Here it is: "May I ask what you are afraid of?"

What is the difference between the red light district, wall street and main street? None, it is all in our mind and guilt feelings. Like a horror movie, we need some kind of monster to scare the shit out of us?

How did I get that way? It was not because of my parents or that I was raised that way? As a matter of fact, it was just the opposite that peaked my curiosity to so. To become an adult and do all those things of which I had only dreamed, I allowed myself to enter into what was considered the Dark Side of life. Ruthless?

The sad part about that all is, this was the wrong door to enter, because it only leads to more hurt, disrespect and pain, than any human being can ever bare.

Are there any survivors? No, but there are people who managed to get out before it was too late. And if they are, they are not given credit for this lifestyle. Misery loves company!

I followed all these goody goody two-shoes, without ever understanding or seeing the other side. Then, I followed people most may consider on the dark side, but out of the same shame and guilt, they would leave you "hanging".

So where do you honestly stand? Standards of conduct, which lifestyle is more truthful? Which lifestyle is a better choice? Which lifestyle violates them all? Why must we choose? When in denial, you refuse to see a better way, so you learn to accept bad slavery and it takes the heat off you. What normal man would not want to join Bill Clinton? What normal woman would not want to join "That woman"? Did you say, Hillary did? The choice to be open or closed makes a helluva difference. Cheating is a hurtful thing. Would you fly one of Hillary's biggest fans to spend the day with Bill? What would be the attraction?

What’s my point here? There are ways to do all those crazy things in life that you want to experience, it is just that we have made them so taboo, that rather than boldly with honor enter the doors to all the great and wonderful things you want to experience, it seems easier to enter through the door of shame. Muster the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expect of you.

Now, that is just the opposite of what we portray to be. Why isn't it normal? Why are not we really dealing with all of our emotions? Why do we only want to present the part, we have deemed appropriate to hide what we are actually doing? Does that make any sense? Do you know how long that takes you to figure out and many die trying? Why do we portray ourselves as one person, when we know we are another? A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing?

Why do we single out people raised by the Red Light District? Is it because of what we would like to see, but are afraid and ashamed?

How does the red light district survive and strive? Curiosity killed the cat? We’ve turned all the things we love and respect into taboos and holier than thou attitudes. We have made our lives well more dangerous than ever intended and the red light district is where it is openly exposed and that is not a pretty picture? Why shit and turn around and step in it?

Is there any respect and loyalty in the red light district lifestyle, why? No, but is that any different than Wall and Main Streets? When there is disrespect in one part of life, there is disrespect in every part of life. How can you honestly lead a double life? Is there any honor in doing what you do not admit to doing?

Does being in the red light district mean that you are weird, poor, uneducated, no religion…? No, but all those entities and more have made it appear to be that way. I think the appropriate question is: Where are the sinners? To make themselves look better, they needed someone to make look worse – sense of self worth.

How do they do that? Race-Class-Gender-Age-Differences

Which more pornographic a person walking around nude or a nude person adorned in all this paraphernalia? Is it two people having sex or the person who acts like these acts do not exist? Is the problem more with the person in the closet or the person who has nothing to hide? Where is the character in either lifestyle?

Hiding, Why do you do these things to yourself? The Red Light District is where sinners become winners, that is if you change. So, now the church group, will they change? Are they even willing to give? This is a hugely regrettable lapse in judgment expressed disappointment and embarrassment.

So what do you gain by passing the stress test, but knowing things have just gotten even more stressful? In that, where is the relief? Let yourself be happier!

There is a such thing as Slave and Master, it exist in our daily lives and it can be a good thing, just depends on how you handle them? Are you in denial?

So what are you afraid of, "Not a fucking thing!!! "Anything else?" No regrets.

(((your inner voice)))


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