Redneck Ass Stores

If you look like us, you get first class service, if not, we treat you like shit. Is that the redneck mentality? Because you own the store am I not to ask any questions? Why do you feel so threaten that you must act your worse?

Redneck as Stores I enjoy shopping but there is one thing that takes the joy out of shopping in mom and pop stores.

I know no other way to describe this other than “Redneck Ass”. My redneck is not racial, but mental. If you think customer service is a thing of the past, it has been replaced by this Redneck ass mentality. You try to patronize local businesses, but their customer service is so “if you ain’t spending any money we do not want to serve you”. They treat you like you are wasting their time. So what should you do?

You try to move on, but every mom and pop store I go to has this “Redneck as mentality”. Even black, east Indian mom and pops stores have adopted it. Call it the good ole boy network or whatever, it is a poor example of business practices and humane treatment.

Think about that. That is why corporate stores have run mom and pop stores out of business. Why do we treat each other that way?

You can stand there for 30 minutes or so and watch how stupid and kiss ass they really are. You will see a good ole boy come in who spend hundreds of dollars and he will get first class treatment. While you stand there waiting to be helped. Do you have to ask somebody to help you? Feed and seed stores, are not my little garden just as important as “Billy Bob’s”. Now, you can see what I mean by a sick ass redneck mentality.

Redneck to me, describes a good ole country boy. Why don’t we treat all good ole country boys the same. Why don’t we teach country boy “wanna bees” how to be good ole country boys and not scared, too good for their own good redneck asses? These kind of people gives a negative connotation to the good of anything. The honey man at the honey store had every excuse “not to sell me any honey”. True but sad. Why would you even open your store when you do not have time to give good customer service?

Do you really go out of your way to make your customers feel comfortable making a purchase from you? Do you really think you can build a good business being stupid? Do you want everybody to be just as stupid? Standards, whether you appreciate them or not. Think why our economy is failing and I bet you want to blame somebody else?

How can you blame a terrorist, a Russian, a Muslim, a Latino, a Black, a Native American, when you are your own worse enemy?

It makes you want to say kiss my ass for wasting my time and treating me like shit. You didn't even say, "ya'll come back"!

You're just a poor boy a long ways from home. Time to wake-up, open up your eyes, rise and shine.

(((your inner









The Hood!

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