Self Inflicted Self Imposed

Peace makers and Hell raisers, knowing the difference.

Peace makers and hell raiser, why do we suffer so? Everything “we” do is self inflicted, illness, disease, hatred? Do we know what’s good for us? Who defines what’s good for us, the behavior?

Why shoot your own self? Do things ever get that bad or is it your attitude?

Why do we blame white folks, why do white folk blame everybody else? Why do we have wars, crime, guns, and corruption…? Do we not have the ability to reason and peaceful resolve any situation, no matter how dire it maybe? Why do we feel compelled to fight, harming oneself where there are no underlying problems related to the self-injury?

Everything that happens to us is based upon our decisions and the decisions of those before. That is why it is so important that we maintain a strong sense of balance, in “all” we do. Why kill more animals than necessary? There’s nothing wrong with the term “slave”, but there is something very wrong with the inhumane treatment of any person. Why be a human being when you are not going to treat nor be treated as such?

Good would triumph Bad if we conducted ourselves in a more responsible manner. Resistance, we must resist those things which are not good for us – fight or flight. Do you believe in God, do you not think God knows what you’re doing? We’re all connected therefore everything we do or fail to do, not only affects us but everything around us. You reap what you sow?

There are no ABC answers and the answer is constantly changing. There will be pain and suffering, but it does not need to be self inflicted. Therefore, God has given us the responsibility to decide what’s good for us, under any circumstance and as people we must exercise that responsibility with care and as a whole.As superior human beings, from what is there to run, from what is there to fight? Why not use those talents and resources given to peaceful resolve every situation? Then we will be the example for all to follow.

There is a big difference between pointing out flaws, so we can resolve them and blaming people for revenge, which is the most prosperous?

Which do you want, peace makers or hell raisers, what good are hell raisers, the hell raising should be directed towards building, not people or violence,,, take responsibility. Behavior is self-inflicted and you do have a choice how you view any situation. Self-inflicted is self imposed. It’s not what you have and all the work you spent accumulating, but your ability to share, feeling good, we’ve done good along the way.

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