Sexual Addictions

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Why so addictive? To undo all the damage done is an enormous undertaking, but here goes.

Being born is a result of sex, but afterwards it all quickly rolls down hill.

Sexual intercourse is the act performed in order to reproduce. However, because of the secrecy and euphoric experience working upto and the act of, quite a bit of sexual promiscuity has caused alarming numbers of humans to fall victim to their own and only means of reproducing. I guess you can say, we are coming and going at the same time! Anyway, that is the problem and I am here to address it.

As a society we are raised to believe SEX is something sacred between a man and woman and is not meant to be made public knowledge. My question here is then how are you supposed to learn? Just how do you talk about something you are not supposed to talk about? How is the learning process supposed to take place in a world of one big sacred sex secret?

Historically, this is how the more civilized world taught themselves to deal with the issues of promiscuous sex. In comparison the uncivilized world have much fewer sexual issues. Civilized, we are supposed to be smarter, healthier and more socially under control, due to sex education. More so than our more inferior savage sexual counterparts in the uncivilized world.

The problem here is, just the opposite is happening and by comparison sexual promiscuity in the civilized world is much more prevalent than in the uncivilized world.After being a sacred sex secret in the home and civilized world, sex is also a very very fine line to walk in the religious world.

They have committed themselves to believing and condemning the act of engaging in sex according to what is written in the Bible. That in itself has opened a whole new world of sexual promiscuities. These religious views are so strong, they even further conflict with the natural act of reproducing. Such as, no husband means no sex. Sex before marriage means you are condemned. And Lord knows, if you engage in same sex relationships; not only will God condemn you but so will the people. Under current rules, people are literally terrified to confess and sexual issues are pushed further and further underground. Sexually transmitted diseases are hidden and people keep quiet about infecting the next person. Priests do not confess they are just as vulnerable.

And here is where my thing comes in, why do “we the civilized people” make such a big deal about nothing? What kind of mixed messages are we sending to our people? This all started after the arrival of the Pilgrims. Why did not Native Americans have sure sex issues?

How can you expect anyone to abide by rules which bring more pain and suffering than they do good? You see, there is something very hypocritical about our leaders and people of the civilized world. Then, on top of all that, we encourage people in the uncivilized world to abide by the same sexual rules we cannot? Just try birth control for an example. What about abortions?

The question of honesty, integrity, morals, ethics come to mind when you overlook all of the above issues to make yourself believe you are living in accordance with Biblical principles, when you are actually not.

The proverbial man-made ball and chain. I will call that “marriage”. The sacred vows of matrimony, never more beautiful words spoken until you speak them yourself! If we were to be truthful and come out of denial about what is actually going on in our marriages, some responsible soul would come up with a great fix. Because we are in a serious sick-minded state of denial, the act of damning yourself in one of these very expensive, off the beaten path marriage traps, we are all subjected to. Like the alleged allegations about lemmings, when one jumps then without logic or reason everybody jumps.

What are we protecting by not exposing the truth in our civilized world marriages? Are you in it for love or life? Are they working as good as any other culture? What about Native American culture? Why do you need “a preacher and government official” to pronounce you man and wife? What happen to permission of parents or family members? That in itself is enough evidence to compromise any system? We just will not tell the truth! What is wrong with being happily paired off, until we straigthen out the pilgrim marriage mess? There is nothing wrong with marriage, but there is something seriously wrong with marriages prone to failure and there are two Big Reasons, sex and money, we abuse this gift.

The kinky sex! I would like to call this casual sex. Most likely kinky sex is reserved for those beyond their baby making years. Most of the risks and inhibitions have been naturally removed. This is when sex can be most enjoyable. Now, is the time to fulfill those sexual fantasies! Any other way and you are at greater risk of meeting unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. But oh no, we will not let those hinder us. Instead we encourage, promote sex because we are “masters of the art of a false sense of protected sex”? This year it is hysterectomies, what will it be next year?

My question, if you are so well intentioned, why go through all the effort of trying to avoid the inevitable? Well, if you are not going to risk lying, stealing, cheating, killing, why put yourself in the position of going through all this crazy birth control stuff to keep from getting pregnant, while you engage in the act of getting pregnant??? You mean to tell me, sex is that good, even if you never had it? YOu are out of control. Pleasurable, how can anything be pleasurable with all the guilt and shame associated with it? Why cannot we just come out of the closet?

The commercial and legal aspect of marriage and divorce for safe sex Domestic violence? Gender? Age? Race? The seven deadly sins? Hiding? Shame? If you really want to know how terrible we are at sex, try race?

The emotional attachment The love thing, even though we honestly know love ain’t got nothing to do with it. So why do we make such an attachment? Unconditional love, do you know about that??? I don’t care how many times you have done it, it’s never too late.

So what am I saying here? NO CONDEMNATION! Our old problem was never rectified! Well more strange, weird and perverted than the act itself, our society sets us up for failure and that is a very disturbing thing. Instead of addressing real sexual issues, we promote and encourage promiscuous sex for profit. That is the biggest problem with addictive sex.

It is not the act itself, but all the false attention we give to it and the bad habit grows. People make the problems. Instead of savoring special moments together, we are so self-obsessed with the act itself; only thoughts of sex monopolize our minds.

Guilt and shame takes away from your power base and are released when things are brought in the light. We must learn to fall in love all over again.

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