Tapped in the...

Tapped in the trap? Please, can anybody save me? Icnu... Have you been tapped?

Human trafficking and slavery! They say there are people out there helping people but I can't see it? Then how can a man help himself? The cat in the mouse or is it the other way around, Trapped?

Most don't even understand this strategy and play blindly along with it. They still believe they're going to catch that dangling carrot and God is going to help them.

I don’t want to be especially mentally or emotionally trapped. It happened me long ago but I'm freeing myself. Thank God for this writing therapy, I'm learning and relieving mountain of unnecessary stress.

I know it’s true, they just give you a little money for doing it.

How old is Mark Sukerburger, what’s his financial worth, how~ It amazes how one group can figure it out, while another suffers like hell?

"We" are a good people but the BS hasn't stopped. We got the right people, right now, to make the right shit happen but what distracts us? We don't need no more bullshit? What's so complicated about that?

We need to loosen ourselves from ourselves and be made aware of our Willie Lynch like syndrome. Now, who is he and who are we? Is it, we the people or one people, is it just me, my imagination? Imagine your nation. Is it a black and white thing, a people thing, a combination of all or is everything getting better?

Is there something wrong with Kings and Queens, even down to our husbands and wives? Or is it better to be normal people?

Think about that for a moment, seems a bit too farfetched: people of royalty being trapped, and worse is not knowing. Why don't you say something?

Trapped, you don't know you are trapped, but you're seeing something, experiencing something totally different and you know the shit ain't right. Don't look or smell right.

You know there is too much confusion, to much lying, stealing and killing, mental and emotional abuse of your own people: women, children, babies... This kind of shit is really going on while you do what?

How, if you don't the rich folk..., WTFU is happening? Why is it so difficult for you to amass wealth, without them? Ask an East Indian or other immigrant. IF you are already rich, where is our economy? The illusion, do you see it?

This is how slavery was and still is being supported.

HOw can I be a success? Why cannot we come together? Is it fact or fiction, true or false? Is it? Come together where they have the tightest grip.

Those who truly do their jobs will truly be lifted up, rewarded... What's going to happen to the rest of us?

Kicking to a new level,

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