Using YOur Language

Is there a difference between thinking it and saying it???

The difference is you are being hypocritical and skirting around very, critical, sensitive and important information, by trying to appease to your enemy. The same as "falsifying Documents". Now, what does that make you?

Someone one is standing on my "mother fucking feet", beating me on my head, abusing me and my family, yet I am supposed to be politically and socially correct. I am using “YOur” language to ensure you hear and see yourself.

Yes/No mam/sir, where is that going to get you? Why do we keep teaching that bullshit? IF it didn't get our ancestors any where, why do you think it is going to get you...? What's wrong with a simple No or Yes? Why do we convolute everything with bullshit? Is this what we must go through to be heard. Everyone else is "Billy and/or Bob" but not for us? When is a human being not just a fucking human being? Why do you use and respect their titles but not your own? Respect is a two way street.

I am not being hypocritical, but true to our local language to share with you what I’m seeing and experiencing. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Why social and politically correct, when we’re misguiding and misinforming.

HEar and see yourself. They abuse the shit out of you and you act like you like it. I tell you the truth and you scrutinize me.

What kind of life coach would tell you otherwise?

(((your inner

Know yourself

Misleading YOU!

Working family members!

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