Woman How To Treat Your Man

Women, for the purposes of this aritcle, PLEASE close your Bibles and use your head, not your legs!

Where that man at?

How to treat your man?

Are we ahead or are we behind? How can you be ahead of the country? Behind what,,,, and that is Where we want to be in life and we are getting further and further behind because we do not recognize that. Are we following rich folk or are we following Wise folk? Together we stand, divided we fall, cooperation is the best of all.

I am starting with women because that is where we all start and then we come together.

Most often women start out slow and cautious when it comes to their man. They think that is socially correct. You are too slow and waste valuable time. Instead, I am suggesting fast and aggressive, moving with a purpose in life. Men really want to know what they are upto and are always up for a challenge. We are very protective and feel what we are protecting must be worth it.

Poor relationships, from women I hear horror stories about how their men respond to them. The situations are so bad they often end in domestic violence, child abuse and even death.

Home, it all starts at home. A man has to be raised like a man and it takes another good man to help complete that training process. Women are involved in this process and the type of man is a choice. This is a choice of yours, so choose wisely.

Most women make the mistake of thinking their man comes already trained and are often fooled by the initial emotions of their relationship.

A man constantly has to be validated and trained. The same old attitude is “You got him so why bother any more”. That is a big mistake! It is like having a dangerous wild animal as a pet, you can never drop your guard. I have been told a man is like a lion. That men are either hungry or horny and it does not matter your political or religious affiliation.

Treat your man the way you want him to respond, wanted, needed and sexy. Why not work to keep your family healthy? Lazy begets lazy, which we often confused and refer to as rest and relaxation. Can you rest and relax from washing your ass? Can you go on vacation from that? Practice doing chores together.

Understand the basics in life and practice them – Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, Multiplication and the ability to help each other. We disregard a lot of that because we want someone else to do them for us. The basics are just that and are best maintained by doing a little everyday.

I have heard of over delivering but not over promising?

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Over promising!


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