What to do with The Truth


Do you feel left out in the rain? Do you find it hard to be honest? Who can you trust? How do you handle them?

All those questions normally get just as many different answers and excuses, to skirt around telling the truth. So they become everything but the truth by the time we get them out. And even though we know how convoluted our minds and stories are, we'll use them to put you to death.

The truth is I want to be with you, but I detest your ways. Due to your loyalty to our society, you are not trust worthy and the truth inside you is suppressed. Does our society encourage you to tell the truth and be different or to be "just like who they want you to believe they are"?

In our society we're taught to address our truth in search a manner that they appeal to the person or people who has what we want and that's how and why our society is so deceitful.

Can you be honest with your spouse? Then, why lie and cheat in the first place? It is not considered socially or politically correct to reveal your absolute truth. As a matter of fact, our society is so created, we take advantage of your truth during your most vulnerable moments and that is totally correct, politically and socially acceptable.

Somewhere in there, is away to confide, but you had better be ready for the repercussions, even from your closest family members. What are the costs to bury a person in America? Are they astronomical? Who dictates costs in America, are they inflated? Why are our costs so inflated when the quality of life is declining? What is the Right Solution?

It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth. Does telling the truth make you too vulnerable? Can you even stand the truth about your own self? Are you hiding from it, can you? So why do we attempt to hide, what everyone already knows?

So what do you do with the truth, Tell it! So what is your problem? Is it about someone else or is it about you?

It's pretty easy to talk about someone else and blame them for all your failures; but it is the hardest thing to talk about yourself, your own inadequacies and blame you for all your failures. Denial is a hell of a lot easier.

So what does mainstream media do? Do you understand now, why you do not know the truth? What's your credit score, is it helping? Does it have more to do with finances than character?

How can you tell when someone is lying? They start by talking about what someone else, what they did and said.

Tell the truth about all you do, don't include others, just talk about yourself. The thought of which is scary! Now, exactly what did you do? Will you tell this?

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