Thief Stealing Kleptomaniac

Are you and I most likely to become one? Are we crying out for help?

Where did all the honest people go? Seems like being a kleptomaniac is more prevalent than it is not? It seems we have more chances at getting it than not? What happens when there is nothing to steal?

Cleptomaniacs or is it kleptomaniacs, either way, we always called them a thief or theives. Is this an innate trait? Often times our curiosity gets the best of us, especially as we are younger. You have this desire or urge to bother stuff that does not belong to you or without asking. Proper home training normally takes care of that in most of us.

However, there are those cases where nothing works and these people are prone to stealing no matter what. This is where the term kleptomaniac or kleptomania comes into play. A Kleptomaniac is a person with an irresistible urge to steal. Someone with an irrational urge to steal. They are obsessed with the act of stealing and becomes an addictive compulsive thief.

I think most families have a family member or members who just seem to steal everywhere they go. You are very skeptical to go anywhere with them for that reason.

Coming to visit, you soon learn that certain items are go missing after they leave. It might take you a while for you to make the association but when you do it is very disappointing. You wonder is it a revengeful thing or are they intentionally destroying you? Why do they pick you? How do you handle these kind of family members?

Do you watch them closely until they leave? Will that save the day? Will that discourage them? Probably not because they are just waiting for you to turn your back and you cannot watch them close enough, long enough.

A kleptomaniac also has to be a good liar, because once confronted do you think they are going to admit? Just what do they do with all the stuff they steal? Are they more attracted to stealing because they sick? I know it is very concerning to live with a kleptomanic. You are always concerned for their safety and well-being as well as yours and your valuables. You cannot lay down anything around them and expect it to there when you return.

Then there is the latter stage in our lives. As we become senior citizens, we are again tempted to bother things that do not belong to us or without asking.

What about kleptomania being related to a mild cognitive impairment like Alzheimer's disease? Does that mean we all are prone to kleptomania at some period or another in our lives?

Honest people cheat, steal and tell lies, not only through shoplifting but also through embezzlement and fraud. So, are we really crying out for help?

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