Hell NO, we will fight to the death first....Think about shit! Stop all that crazy stuff you are doing RIGHT NOW and listen to this!

If you DO NOT, you are wasting your own time. Think about what you are doing right now and WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?

How did we not panic? DON’T PANIC now!

Boy, we Americans have really got it going on!!! NOBODY can touch us! nOBODY can tell us what to do or ANYTHING? We know it ALL! We are so smart, so educated, so religious, so righteous, so under control, so cool, so rich, THAT WE MAKE OUR ON SELVES SICK! Stop, Drop and Role, we would never PANIC! 911, means nothing! It could not happen to YOU? IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! Are you an Educated Fighting Fool? Do not panic!

When you take a look around today, you must ask yourself, why did not I do anything before to head this thing off? What am I missing? Why am I missing all these obvious signs to what’s really going on today? Look past all the junk we think we are doing and LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE EYE OF WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING? Does the two even resemble something that makes sense? $100,000 for a house for two adults and two children, even $90,000??? KNowing it does not, we still say it does make sense. We have developed a way, created a dreadful disease for making sense of what makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE? We are ate up with it?

What could I have done to prevent, minimize or resolve any of these terrible things going on, Right now? Crazy cars, airplanes,lavish hotels and resturants, shopping malls...! Is this really important to any wholesome society? Do they need anything that resembles those in order to survive? Am I thinking properly? You know I am a great planner and organizer, a leader of my country, isn’t someone responsible? I mean all it would have taken to minimize one of the greatest problems we are facing today is to come up with ONE AUTO THAN GETS MORE THAN 50 MPG? Even better, would be an alternative source or even cleaner energy? Our polluted air could use that right now.

I could have purchased gas at $2.oo per gallon and sold it at $4.00 per gallon. Started a farm, with a butcher shop? Just what was I thinking? Most of that time I was headed down the education trail. Then, the military and more education. Now, I am stuck in middle. I feel like a somewhat educated fighting fool and The words, “do not panic” ring louder and louder.

How can we not panic with the evidence as obvious as it is today. We know we have crossed some lines that indicate: WE ARE IN SOME DEEP TROUBLE! When will we stop fooling ourselves? Is it really that funny/humorous/matter of fact? I am not the smartest guy, but if I can see it, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO? How many places on your body do you have to be shot, for someone to tell you, Fall Down, Take some kind of corrective action? Are you bullet proof? Shot in the arm, the leg, the heart, the head and you keep walking around dead? What do you do, “Go Back To School”.

One man said, “We might be slow, but we sure ain’t STUPID? Excuse me, but I beg to differ. People just do not take this kind of stuff serious. All I know to call us is Stupid? If the government does not see a problem with gas going from $2.00 to $4.00, just like that for no apparent reason, how can they ever see CRIME? The citizens go from knowing what the price of a gallon of gas is, TO THE PRICE PER GALLON FLUCTUATING EVERYDAY, Do NOT That Tell You Something Serious Is Going Wrong?

May be you do not mind being robbed everyday? May be you do not want to know? Maybe you think you are too clever to be robbed blind? Or is it, you just donot know when you are in slavery? You had better ask somebody. Where can you go without gas? What happens to the freedom you had,,,,It gets a little tighter everyday. How long will it take you to realize, SOMEBODY IS CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF YOU?

I want to tell you, I love you, but NOW, what difference does that make? You are so busy investing, working, worried about the economy, credit, who shot John??? Plus, people DO Not want to hear THIS KIND OF JUNK? Further, it is coming from a NOBODY!

Now, we already have one fool, that make a public broadcast, to which all of America heard. We listened to him, but why will we not listen to ourselves? Think about shit? How, Why do or does he know any more than YOU? Why would the mass media entertain such a ridiculous PREDICTION? The man might have gone a little too far, but you know he knows what he is talking about.


LET’S SEE::: If I am getting robbed everyday??? EVENTUALLY, I ain’t going to have shit! Real SooN! And if I do not say anything, EVEN MY DIGINITY WILL BE GONE. Cowboys! Remember when the bad guys rode into town, raped, pillaged and burned,,,eat shoot and leave? What was the resulting attitude of the town's people?

What about Native Americans, I bet they can tell you about allowing the wrong people in? Things get ugly, nasty, brutal and in a hurry? People are terrified? The least little thing sends them squirreling to their holes.

All things for which we have worked so hard and enjoy today, all our toys, will be taken away? IF you are not concerned, you might want to take a look at one of them HOLOCAUST movies. Do they give a shit about your rights, titles, positions?

Now, it has to be either, one for all and all for one or more DOOM AND GLOOM, except at the highest level. I hope you understand about what I am talking.

Americans, I know you are not use to shit like this? No, that is not the answer, because normally you are A PERPETRATOR? We are too quick to jump on/blame somebody else? How long can you do that?

So far, you ain’t saved shit? We have created so much confusion and chaos, so quickly,,,,that we do not even know our asses from A HOLE IN THE GROUND? We have done it all wrong, starting from the very BEGINNING? Must you be a high school grad to understand that? We still do not have it right and do not intend on getting it right. You name it and we have screwed it up, in a serious state of denial and as arrogant as hell about it ALL.

It is a sad state of affairs when you just sit back and watch your fellow man suffer? We have all this technology but we do not produce shit, not anything worth a shit anyhow. IF the economy is so bad, inflation, jobs,,,, why do we not have a utility auto, we would DONATE TO HELP THE CAUSE? We do not produce shit, except money and more money? Money is the wrong thing to save your ass!

Why not mandatory soup kitchens instead of ZERO TOLERANCE? Why not affordable housing instead of WARS ON TERRORISM? Clean drinking water instead of CRUDE OIL? MUST WE DRIVE SOMEWHERE INORDER TO “GET A GOOD FUCK”? Where exactly is it THAT WE WANT TO GO? Do not panic? Do we need to GO BACK TO SCHOOL to learn that? Do you need someone, anyone to tell you, IF YOU CUT DOWN ANOTHER FUCKING TREE, YOU WILL NOT HAVE NONE? What about if you drive up all the gas going NOWHERE, we will have none for us ALL TO GO SOME WHERE/anywhere?

Will our churches, schools, hospitals, military bases be spared? Will we nuke ourselves?

All I can say is, IF YOU DO NOT TAKE CORRECTIVE ACTION NOW!!! Then, Do Not Panic when somebody else is PUSHING YOUR ASS OFF THE CLIFF.

Things cannot and will not continue, for much longer, if we have that much time…the way we are going?

(((your inner

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