Instability and Stability in Relationship

Countries and World?

Are social websites any indication to how relationship-starved we are?

Instability or Stability in Relationship and Country, are we stable right now? Are we even headed in that direction? What good does it do to work towards instability in relationships?

What about instability in relationships? Does financial stability mean healthy relationship? Does financial security mean more stable relationships? What about Power and Position? Do they or should they have anything to do with your relationships? How does all of this apply to our country and global environment?

My instinct tells me we want the best person for the job, but lack of progression on the job tells me, we are being too negligent in our duties.

What is instability in a relationship? Is it DOUBT? Is not DOUBT a sense of INSECURITY? Insecurities lead to trust issues and trust issues leads to weak relationships, consequently a weak people. Love and mutual respect, which are the bonds to any good relationship, are gone and relationships are destroyed, until otherwise addressed.

What do people do when a relationship is destroyed? They are lonely and vulnerable and constantly searching to fill that void, which leads to even more vulnerabilities, which leads to a false sense of security and even greater INSTABILITY. Abuse is a result of instability in relationships and it comes in many forms, spreading like a wide-fire. People become progressively less productive. There are constant disputes over who owns and are entitled to what, just like a divorce? Stress is another and pressure builds, the same cycle keeps repeating, until the pot boils over and then what?

Well, turning the fire down involves rebuilding self-image. Instead of seeking to build an image based upon material wealth, we must seek to build an image based upon individual enjoyment in life. Instead of seeking a country based upon material and power image, that led us to this great demise, we must seek a country based upon the finer things in life, just as we desire in our relationships. We must set good priorities, pool our resources, being most effective and efficient.

Does stability mean we expect everything to be the same? No, it means we are preparing for the unexpected, which we have so miserablly failed to do. Today is proof.

How does all this happen? We must realize and admit, then we must give up all the stuff not really important to our bottom-line and in that lies the GREATEST PROBLEM. Nobody wants to be the first to admit and give up our guns to a more reasonable and practical use of them. Out of fear and knowing how irresponsible it is, we all want to have a gun to shoot at will? How can I depend on you to protect and provide for me?

All these broken relationships, are we saying, “our own men and women are not good enough”, why not?

We are headed towards collapse and as we head towards collapse, we will either collapse or implement more programs to build stability, at the GRASSROOT level; nurture and maintain them. Now, do you understand whose responsibility that is, Collapse or Stability? Instability or Stability? I am just one!

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