Life, for what are you looking?

Really, what are we learning? Are we just working and going home? Lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love. How? Putting your life on the line?

On the surface, in our day to day living, everything is positive, nobody is looking, hurting, dying; and everything in life is A-OKAY! Individually, we act as if nothing is going on. That's how we go about our daily living; we just ignore all the important stuff in life, just like we are exempt. That is what we call life. Is that leading a life of a lie?

When you dig in or think about LIFE, it is a whole nother story. In life most people are looking for someone or something with whom, they can live the rest of their lives. There are harsh austerity measures, Fall of a culture, self defeating or self destructive behavior, confusion and chaos all around, yet; individually, we see ourselves as above it all. We are living a life, without consequences. That is no life at all. What is life?

The problem with that is we are living the life of one big lie. That lie keeps us deceiving each other. It keeps us from loving, helping and being responsible for each other, we don’t take responsibility and it is always someone else’s fault, a we are better than them attitude. We act like we are going one way, when we are actually going another. That’s dangerous; it gives way to doubt, hatred, selfishness and greed. Art is less than Jim and Jim is better than Susie, Africa is better than America and Greece is less than Germany? Our leadership makes it even harder to see, so they can cover their own betrayal and deceitful tactics.

Have you ever thought about how confused people are? So much so that we fear each other. We have so many problems maintaining good wholesome relationships with all, then we cannot understand why one is upset. We are plagued with excuses, explanations and the job goes without getting done. It's always somebody else's fault. The good in us has given way to the greed in us? To hell with family, all the children are adults and gone, we are free to travel and terrorize the rest of the world, whether we are welcome or not.

How can we come to a good end, a good future, when we are doing these things to ourselves? People must rediscover the good in them and share it, regardless of what the leadership says. All every person wants to do is be loved and respected. Can we live to agree and disagree?

Well, who’s going to listen to me, I am a nobody. We are all looking for that someone or something, without we cannot live the rest of our lives. Life is for what we are searching. Life will move aside to let through one who knows where he wants to go.

Time changes everything. Perfect timing! Prayer!

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