Material Wealth and the Average American

what class am I?

So what is the problem with the "average American"? What is the average American? American seniors "average Americans? What class? Is upper and lower fact of fiction?

The average American does not own property, does not have a job, is in debt and lives from pay check to pay check.

Source of pay checks for the average American? Early on, the rejection of a European class structure and the gradual embrace of a more classless society change the way we judge social status. The very things we attempted to escape has now engulfed a whole society. Smart/hard work, industrialization, land and natural resources were and still are being exploited. Literally, TRILLIONS of DOLLARS, millions of acres and valuable resources are exploited!!! Material wealth has erupted as the most accepted measure to determine social status in America and Americans pay an astronomical price for this.

Though the economy has significantly profited in a sense, as a whole, serious problems and crisis are revealed. The only goal is material wealth and many foreigners flock to America to take advantage of opportunities most Americans never realize. Hence, the American Dream and lifestyle is being ignored and exploited.

Ethical and moral courage has been substituted by cheating, killing and destroying.

Are American seniors "average Americans? Are we pitting seniors against our young people? If you look at seniors alone, living on a 'fixed income', they receive no aid nor do they get any breaks while our government and religious organizations pour Hundreds of Billions of $$$$$$'s, Tons of Food and aid to Foreign Countries! We are kicking our seniors into the grave so our young people do not understand. We deliberately ignore the long term picture. Young people will also become seniors, if they live long enough.

So where is "the line of no return"? Americans must get back to the business at hand - the basics, if we want to live responsibly and without hassle.

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Life is a black hole?

Instability and stability.

Is life, as we know it, too much for the wealthy?

Value to society and self.

True Wealth>

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