Poverty To Success

How do you move from poverty to success?

Says who? Poor people actually teach themselves how to remain in poverty and it is passed on from generation to generation. They see a rich man as their way out.

There is no question that economic deprivation clearly has an adverse impact on achievement, as the effects of poverty, poor housing, inadequate medical care and many other factors are reflected in lower achievement by the poor.

However, it has been proven time and again that effective teaching and leadership has the most profound and positive impact on a people. These skills cannot be sold or bought, they can, however, be practiced and implemented by any and all. So what are we really doing?

I thoroughly enjoy publishing these little articles on turning poverty around. I think proverty is a state of mind and a word used to label and imprison a certain group of people.

  1. Choose your passion and Start immediately.

  2. Use your anguish to express greater feelings on love and death and experience to create new ideas.

  3. Survive day-to-day even if it takes state support.

  4. Be prepared for rejection, but know eventually hope will win.

  5. Remain dedicated but flexible.

    Success is never easy and if we hang in there, keep taking action...and continue believing, we might not become billionaires, but something extraordinary and unpredictable will happen.

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