Depression and Real-heroes II

Anger and the American people. How many people are angered by what's going on in their lives?

What's happening in America while we are mesmerized by what's happening in other countries, like nothing is going on here?

People are not nearly as angry as they are hurt and that hurt quickly turns into depression. Just think of the number of divorces annually?

You can say they brought it on themselves, but do not we all have an obligation to help? Why cannot we help or be helped? Those are the kind of things that hurt so bad.

Credit and predatory lending?

We do all this stuff to prepare ourselves for adulthood and when you get out there, you find it is a whole different story. More people should tell the truth. When you graduate, let's say college, will you be most likely to land a good job? Absolutely not, but we keep saying, "you will", like that is a given after finishing college. Another big fat lie.

Once you graduate school and hit the real-world that is when you find out what you are made of or what is really going on. You will quickly learn how little people care for your safety and well-being, including those you are taught to respect--preachers, police, school.

All the stuff you’ve been taught goes out the window, so you throw or have already thrown out the good stuff. Now, you are as vulnerable as can be.

Does our system of justice make it any better? I was just talking with a very nice male company representative, who served his country and now works for a Major Electrical Company in Georgia when he said: “Fuck this country”? Why, because they took away my children and gave them to an unfit mother. That it was too late for him, but he was fighting so others may not experience what he had. That he is not angry, but very disappointed in the way our system operates in Georgia,,,the good old boy network. That they are out to hobble any good man. Another good citizen gone bad. Deployed_military_losing_custody_of_their kids

This man was white, middle class and came from somewhere up North to work in Georgia. So you never know what people are going through.

A wife, who for whatever reasons turned against her husband and two children. It was all about power and according to him, she knew the judge. Now, four citizens and a whole family gone bad. Do the math! Things can get out of control quick.

Depression hurts. From where will come our next hero, if not you?

(((your inner

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