Graduations 2011

We talk about all the hard work and sacrifice we've made for this day, now what?

We love our vacuum, we've found God and we already gave at the office. THANKS! Is that our attitude towards each other?

All the celebrations! Talking about great swarms! This time of year, May-June, hundreds of thousands all across the USA will be graduating high school, not to mention institutions of higher learning, to meet what fate? Are they on their own and is it upto them to create for future generations, what we have failed to do for ourselves?

With whom are you competing, is it healthy to compete against yourselves? I wrote the other day: Moving big obstacles with the little ones still in the way? Do we really want you to know the truth?

As I chat with my friends, I am not too sure: 2011 Death Benefit Information Enclosed -Open Immediately-Do Not Delay. It's sad to get that kind of mail after reaching 50 years of age. Even more so when the intended recipient is already dead. In which general direction is our sense of responsibility, in an economy where pink slips have become more than fair?

It seems we want to do everything for you, we call ourselves making it easier, but as you go around, things are more complicated and confusing than ever. Is it more convenient to pay your bills in person or have we perfected a system where it is more convenient and less expensive for you to pay your bills online? What do you need to do that?

We are “proud” (watch that word) to announce a Senior Final Expense Life Program to help pay for what Social Security does not pay for your final expenses, if you qualify. You will not be charged for this information!

My final Wishes and Requests. A guide for my love ones? What does it mean to be successful and what are the benefits of failure?

Success is knowing what is good for life and setting out to fulfill it.

It is very depressing when the reality we’ve created for ourselves and you really set in? Where are your lifeguards?

Art wishes you well at whatever you decide? It cannot be worse than what we have already done, for which, I sincerely apologize.

From one senior to another, I love you! ARt

(((your inner

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