Do you know what you're doing or not? Do you even have a clue? What does it take to make a "good neighbor"?

If you think no one is watching or no one really cares, Do something really “fucked up”? Is that why so many commit suicide? Ever watched the tv show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”?

You know the U.S. is the master at the influence game, if you are America you are poised to use your power of influence to get what you want and that is the problem with American Society. We want it and we want it now. What about pardon a turkey?

Who has the greatest influence on you has the greatest impact in your life. We're too quick to say GOD. When you see your life start to go bad, you might want to take a look around. When you start to receive disappointing news, for no reason, you might want to take notice. It’s time for a change. How did we get Thanksgiving

When you speak, people either listen or they don’t. Criminals are experts at this so you had better be careful of what you expose to them.

Today, the biggest elements for influence are power and money, we want more of those and we will stoop to any levels to get it. The problem is, “we tend to pay close attention only to those with power and money”. So kind of way, we imagine having billions of dollars and not having to work anymore?

“Benefits and job security” have become our main goals in life. But look at our national situation? All of this to keep from having to wonder from where “the next” check is coming? Insurance companies are now our greatest enemy? Because of all these factors, it’s even harder to make sound decisions.

Think about yourself, should it be that way? Is this what it takes to survive or is this what we believe it takes for survival? Why add insult to injury? Should you just listen to people headed in the same direction as you or should you change your course and listen to someone headed in the unknown zone? What if someone turned you against your father or your parents? What’s a “Dead Beat Dad”?

People are very gullible, easy to influence, but when they find out you are wrong, you had better watch out. It happens every day in relationships and marriages. You are either influencing someone or just the reverse. What good does it do you to “do nothing”? What good is life to have no one with whom to look forward, to bond? Where is that person on whom you can depend? Are they dependable or are they lying just to get their way?

Be careful with your words and actions, because somebody is always watching. Influence people to listen to themselves, be responsible. That’s innovation and creativity.

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