Some people you cannot talk to or with.

Is the person writing more credible than a person talking

Am I one of them? They listen and they know but is doing just the opposite. Don't care where you are or what your conditions, as long as you keep it clean, you are going to be alright. The dirtier you let it get, the more cleaning to be done.

Still, they do not care? They allow filth to accumulate and expect you to say nothing.

Animal abuse, hoarding, just plain old do not know how, to lazy, or any excuse in the book. You cannot tell them you it is not to your best health to let your house go down?

Even if it is falling down, you are better served to keep it clean or belong you will not be the only one living there. Am I overdoing it here? Is there anything more important than cleaning?

I have a friend, he has a nice truck but it is so junky, you are scared to get in, only in emergencies. I mean, it looks embarrassing. How can you keep up with anything? Would you want your wife, your children in such an environment? Now, I am no "clean freak" but some people for one reason or another will allow their conditions to develop in a deplorable state.

They have a clean workspace, well it looks clean, but they are living in deplorable conditions and think there is nothing wrong? They do not see the double standard and you cannot tell them anything. They will tell you, I operate better in this kind of environment. So is that why groups establish standards?

I do not care how well you explain yourself, they will not listen. They will try you every time. How do you feel when you learn someone is stealing from you? What if you catch them in the act? Will most confess? No matter what you say, they will have a good explanation.

There is another little twist to this. Any time they have a question they will go do research for an answer. Why will they listen to a paper and not the people standing in front of them? Is the person writing more credible than a person talking? Think about that, somebody had to write it in order for you to research it.

We were talking about being clean. I had no earthly idea someone could be so offended. Just to the contrary, I thought it to be a very good and productive conversation.

Cleanliness is a personal choice and standard isn't it? What if someone offered to help you clean up your act? If you thought they were serious, could you come up with a game plan or would you refuse the help? Would you be insulted or would you embrace the suggestions? Right now, you have a choice, later you will not. What about surrounding yourself around good clean people, who are willing to include you? Is there a such thing as being too clean or a clean conscience and clean conscious?

So what does cleaning have to do with people with whom you cannot talk? Does your family help you clean? How did they learn to do so? Do they like to live in clean communities? How do you keep them that way? Is cleaning an individual or group effort? Is cleaning the first priority in any home or business? What about relationships, how does this young lady or man feel about cleaning? Do you like living in a dirty unorganized house? If you do not care you will contribute to a dirty community?

So how do you get it all together?

(((your inner

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