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Why has online dating been such a hit?

So you think marriage is the right way to go, then why have our relationships come to this demise? It is like leading future generations to hell, we just will not tell the truth about how difficult we have made relationships today. So much so, you actually need an attorney to help swing things your way?

Baby daddies and mommies are flipping the script and at an alarming rate. Why are they remaining single and very hesitant to do it again? There are just as many reasons as there are singles for not wanting to jump the broom again. Plus-size fashions, workaholics, too-picky and independent, name calling, tell everything, mama’s boy; we talk a lot of shit to make things look good, but when it is all said and done… "what does love have to do with it"?

The top two most common reasons for not wanting to remarry is for emotional and monetary reasons, especially when little ones are involved.

On top of all that, my questions are: Where has all the ambitious, go getting, help bring about change women gone? Why must we settle for less? The older your relationship gets, the less you get and the harder you must work - damn!

Where are the marriages to be emulated, the love, respect and freedom? Am I supposed to be like you or am I supposed to have my own? Do you know how many marriages are just sticking together for the sake of “the kids”? What about financial security? What about status symbols? Do we really know true love and respect? Do we ever give ourselves enough room to learn? Remember, we are preoccupied by so many other things? What about religion? Which method of birth control? What did the preacher say?

Another is Lies, lies and more lies, which contribute to the emotional disorder? There are beautiful women out there, but when you talk with them, you get all this emotional bullshit? They want to change you and they reject you, not because of how you treat them but because of what you said. I do not want to become you and I am sure you do not want to become me, but the temptation to bring about this change in each other seems to be irresistible? To hell with what you are doing together, they will quit because of what you said. Forget moving the mountains, while you have just hurt my feelings!

Adult children and other family members? Do they really want to see you? Who will be the first to compromise? What happens if there is a breakup? Did I mention In-laws?

Is there something called getting too close and becoming a wuss? It is not that we have stopped fucking, but other things have dawned the door. Are we too close when what I say overshadows what I do? @@@See what I mean@@@ Sounds like some of that old slavery and women rights bullshit? You can call me names and not expect rejection?

You can go out, have a very good time being you and meet a nice young lady doing the same, everybody’s talking shit! Give it six months and the whole game changes. Now, she is wanting to tell you how love goes, what you can and cannot do, what she will and will not accept? Couple this with marriage and you have intensified feelings of being trapped; hook, line and sinker - control issues.

What about legal matters? Who would want to live like this? What happened to the give and take - sharing? Could you or would you have not been better served by not allowing them to get closer than close? Are we looking to exploit the weaknesses in each other or are we looking to promote strengths?

There goes your special relationship, now she’s proving she can do without you and vice versa and the cycle goes on. The glue holding us all together is no longer glue, but BULLSHIT. Famine of Words

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